Since last year in November, the company has received three trainees after signing a Framework Agreement with the University of La Laguna and a Specific Agreement of the Faculties of Physics and Mathematics.

Sieltec Canarias and the University of La Laguna signed a framework collaboration agreement in November last year that gives continuity to the cooperation developed by both organizations in order to train young talents who have a special interest in starting their labor insertion in fields related to meteorology, environment or climatology.

During 2014, three students belonging to the Faculties of Physics and Mathematics were included, supporting the company in several projects that will be carried out during the next year.

The purpose of receiving students in practice is mainly due to the training and employment of students through practices to improve their professional skills, as well as the promotion of innovation, research and entrepreneurship of the company. For Sieltec Canarias, it is a pleasure to actively collaborate with this initiative proposed by the University of La Laguna, with results very well valued to date by all those students who have passed during these years through the different organizational departments of the company and who finally continue working as permanent staff of the company.