• Design, development, implementation, manufacture, sale and exploitation of scientific instrumentation, both own and of leading brands.

Installation and maintenance of electronic, electrical and industrial systems.

  • Development of customized hardware and software.


Environmental: Air quality, Meteorology.

Renewable energy: use of solar resources, studies, energy efficiency.

Computer consulting: development, adaptation, implementation, exploitation and customization of computer applications of all kinds.


Sieltec Canarias is a Spanish company founded in 2003. It is specialized in Environmental Engineering and Consultancy. The brand provides, manufactures and sales its own range of meteorological instrumentation and also represents international brands in fields such as meteorology, air quality and solar radiation with a clear multi-sectoral approach, and more precisely to energy, weather, environment, maritime and air transport industries.

Since its establishment, the company has been always involved in Research and Development aiming at becoming a national and international referral in the market of environmental technology and meteorological instrumentation.

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SONA allows capturing, classifying and processing all-sky images, covering 180°+ field of view.

Its robust design with compact dimensions, with a totally complete new external case made of highly durable materials provides high reliability in harsh environmental conditions.

Their new internal sensors and embedded system for daylight or night applications, allows to reach an accurate output level in cloud observation and analysis.

The system captures HDR images of the entire sky. After the caption, the images are processed as well as the percentage of cloud coverage apart from other additional data.

The new GUI via web allows the connection to the system from your local network or from outside.


A novel instrumentation for the detection of AOD composed of components and resistant materials perfectly combined with an intuitive and easy to use software.

The ZEN system is a new radiometer (ZEN-R52) that uses an innovative methodology for the detection of AOD (ZEN-LUT). The ZEN-LUT method is based on the comparison of zenith sky radiation (ZSR) measured with a look-up table (LUT) of Sky Radiation Calculations (ZSR).

The first version was jointly developed by Sieltec Canarias and IARC (Spain) aiming at obtaining AOD data from the radiation of the zenith of the sky at different wavelengths. It incorporates collimation lenses and internal deflectors to achieve a field of vision of -2º.

Within the instrument, there is an SBC that obtains, stores and processes the data to obtain the AOD in 4 wavelengths in real time (data are processed every minute).


A novel instrumentation that uses LWIR for the detection of clouds, both day and night, with the potential to distinguish layers of clouds due to its different temperature.

It represents the latest technology in cloud detection allowing the percentage of cloudiness and, thanks to the use of thermal imaging, provide additional information that allows classifying them by layers.

Like the rest of our instrumentation, its structure is highly compact and consists of resistant materials, and its components are state-of-the-art, including windows suitable for the transmission of LWIR radiation.

Its powerful internal SBC is equipped with intuitive and user-friendly software capable of capturing, storing views and data, processing and generating different views from the original thermal information.

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