Sieltec Canarias will be once again an exhibitor at the Meteorological Technology World Expo where it will officially present the SONA and ZEN devices for cloud observation and study of aerosol optical depth.

The Meteorological Technology World Expo is highly specialized in measurement, prediction and analysis technologies related to climate, environment, meteorology and hydrometeorology. It is also a platform for international service providers in sectors such as aeronautics, transport companies, maritime and port facilities, airports, military operations, marine exploration companies, wind farm operators, meteorological offices, agricultural operations and research institutes.

Attending this event, which attracts over 200 exhibiting companies and more than 3000 attendees from more than 100 countries, becomes an exceptional opportunity to promote our own range of instrumentation. At the same time, it turns into a meeting point to encounter other potential partners and therefore, to generate synergies in R&D altogether.

During the event, it will be officially launched the compact device SONA + ZEN, an innovative instrumentation that unlike previous versions will analyze day time images more accurately and will capture night time images in areas where there is some light pollution and/or moonlight.

This compact and unique device will also study the Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) by day, using an innovative technique of zenithal measurement.

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