Sieltec Canarias has received for the second year a grant from the University of La Laguna promoted and funded by Banco Santander. This is intended to add value to students of the University of La Laguna, expanding their knowledge and enhancing their contact with the professional world.

Since the second week of April of the present year, the intern Patricia Hernández, currently pursuing a BSc in Physics at the University of La Laguna will become part of the R&D Department of the firm for a 3-month period.

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This program has two main objectives: first, to complement the university training with work experience, which should facilitate their entry into the labor market. The second objective is to support the Spanish SME that are currently facing a very adverse scenario. The program, which already has the experience of 5,000 university students across the country, will last two years, as announced by the bank itself.

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