For its first time, thanks to the participation of EKO Instruments in previous editions of this international event for professionals of the solar energy industry, Sieltec Canarias had the opportunity to showcase their new camera models (SONA) to all attendees.

From the 10th to the 12th of June of this year, Sieltec Canarias had the pleasure of attending the international event Intersolar Europe 2015. In this first occasion, the results were very positive by generating significant business leads for future business opportunities.

The joint participation with EKO Instruments, with which shared stand at the time both firms exposed their range of instrumentation, attracted the attention of many visitors specialized in the field of photovoltaics, solar thermal and professionals of the distribution and commercialization of meteorological instrumentation for solar radiation studies.

Currently, Sieltec Canarias is not only releasing a complete solution for cloud detection, but is also involved in the development of a nowcasting system that allows the user to analyze a number of parameters for saving on both, energy costs and economic costs. The SONA device, thanks to advances made in software, will allow the user to have in the near future, a full-integrated system for very short-term forecast measurement in the field of solar radiation and cloud motion.

Its strategic partnership with the global brand EKO Instruments will ease the entire development process of the new range of SONA models, so that the customer will be able to have a tailor-made solution that meets important technical requirements by being constantly in continuous improvement.

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