Sieltec Canarias takes on board a set of highly qualified professionals offering a premium quality turnkey services to their customers in terms of meteorology, air quality, solar radiation, etc. The company also counts with a high number of providers locally and internationally.

Our Services include:

  • Sales of instrumentation
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Calibration
  • Data Validation and Data Exploitation.

We also offer:

  • Campaigns of Measurements
  • Measurement Intercomparisons
  • Measurement Observation (surveillance)
  • Studies and Applications of Environmental Measurements
  • Training
  • Implementation of International Quality Standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001)

Environmental engineering

Taking into account the ecological, economic and technological dimensions, the Environmental Engineering is the field of science that studies in-depth  environmental issues. Therefore its main focus is to promote the sustainable development at all levels.

The contribution of Environmental Engineering is to keep the sustainable capacity of Our Planet Earth. It also ensures a better life-quality for the present and future generations by the conservation and the preservation of the natural resources. This discipline is in full development with an objective that starts to be more and more obvious: becoming a real necessity owed by the result of several propitious solutions in order to face the current ecological crisis that Our Planet is currently suffering.

Sales of instrumentation and installation

SIELTEC CANARIAS provides turnkey solutions in terms of supplies and installations in areas like meteorology, air quality, solar radiation, etc. As a business, it counts itself with a high number of providers locally and internationally highlighted as follows: the supply of TECO gas analyzers and HORIBA´s for air quality, Campbell Scientific Meteorological Stations, and MCZ particle collectors from Umwelttechnik GmBh.


The Team of Sieltec Canarias counts with the enough experience to develop the maintenance of equipment, analyzers and also the acquisition and communications systems in a corrective and preventive manner.


This service is provided by the combination of our accredited laboratories and the incredible support of our exceptional and highly qualified staff.

Data validation and data exploitation

We provide solutions that allows a right data exploitation by using the relevant tools of analysis.

Environmental consultancy

Environmental Consultancy is a specialized consultancy in charge of the assessment offer, training and other processes related to all those environmental subjects from companies and organizations. From the assessments of potential impacts for a specific activity to the environmental management of it.

An environmental consultant works accordingly with the customer in areas like Water, Air and Soil pollution, Assessment of the environmental impact, Ecological and Territorial Management, Vibration Noise, Vibration Measurement and Environmental Management.

Measurement campaigns

According to the most demanding standards and thanks to the deployment of suitable instruments for each case of study, accompanied by our deep appreciation of professionalism from our experienced technicians and engineers, we offer a significant campaign of Measuring Execution Service.

Measurement intercomparisons

We have the strong capacity to take over precise intercomparisons for characterization and verification of any analyzers and also air quality meters at place.


Our engineers can design a specific planning following the current regulation for environmental surveillance adaptable for any customer need and customer activity,

Environmental studies and environmental performance

The company is also in charge of the study and the analysis of the customer needs through relevant reports that state those measures so necessary to take.

International standards implementation of ISO 9001 and 14001

We help any company for the implementation of ISO 9001 and 14001 Standards. We assess all businesses during the entire process offering cost-effective solutions according to their necessities.


We offer specialized training at all levels for staff of your organisation.