About us

Sieltec Canarias is a Spanish company founded in 2003. It is specialized in Environmental Engineering and Consultancy. The brand provides, manufactures and sales its own range of meteorological instrumentation and also represents international brands in fields such as meteorology, air quality and solar radiation with a clear multi-sectoral approach, and more precisely to energy, weather, environment, maritime and air transport industries.

Since its establishment, the company has been always involved in Research and Development aiming at becoming a national and international referral in the market of environmental technology and meteorological instrumentation.

The commercial release of the newest versions of the brand´s flagship product, SONA (Automatic Cloud Observation System), are commercially available for a wide variety of applications depending on the type of sector. Furthermore, this new range of products will become the main references of “home-made” instrumentation developed and delivered by Sieltec Canarias worldwide.

Sieltec Canarias is also distributing measuring and monitoring products of Campbell Scientific. It also represents instrumentation of EKO Instruments for energy and meteorological applications. Both brands provide solutions globally with a really strong presence across the five continents.

In terms of Research, Development & Innovation, the Company is currently working on the development, production and future commercial release of sensors for cloud cover as well as for aerosol detection.

The Company currently counts with a highly qualified professionals composed by: 2 PhD´s, 2 BA´s, 3 BSc´s and 3 Technicians. In the overall, the average age of the company is 36 with a 45% of female staff. Thus, the company is considered as a young and very dynamic company.


Sieltec Canarias is a privately funded company located in the Canary Islands, Spain. The main sectors related to consultancy and engineering are focused as follows:

  • Environment: Air quality, Meteorology, Solar radiation, Cloudiness.
  • Renewables: Solar Thermal, PV, CSP.
  • Transport: Air, Maritime, Land.
  • Weather and meteorology
  • Tourism: Sun and beach tourism approach, scientific approach.
  • Astronomy: Research and observation.

The Company is specialized in the following areas:

  • Research and Development of new products, technology and software.
  • Calibration and technical support.
  • Manufacturing and quality control.
  • National and international purchasing and logistics.
  • Distribution of international brands.

We are ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2008 certified professionals

Since 2008 Sieltec Canarias has been accredited with these two certifications in terms of “Design, supply, installation and maintenance of integrated systems for environmental monitoring and control”.

Both certifications awards its environmental commitment and management in its business activity. Moreover, this recognition is globally recommended as a good praxis protocol.


Since its establishment, one of the main missions of the brand was to build up a clear international reputation in the mid-long term. This objective is based on the following achievements:

  • Long-standing efforts in Research, Development and Innovation.
  • Relevant and accredited experience across the domestic market.
  • Initial implementation of services in international organisations.
  • Provision of components from best global brands.
  • Scientific alliance with research centers, universities and other institutions.

The company itself is proud of been accumulating countless assets that will become extremely necessary for its placement overseas.

The current economic climate is challenging and also a great opportunity to internationalize the business in strategic markets that will therefore promote the activity of the company accordingly.

As a second goal, but no less relevant, the brand is expecting to obtain synergies with strategic partners and collaborators that are pursuing similar goals. Moreover, these kind of agreements will become the basis to devote its international presence and thus becoming a major reference worldwide by:

  • Developing and achieving joint strategic objectives in foreign markets.
  • Carrying out competitive measurements for integration into international projects.
  • Setting up highly qualified business processes in Research, Development and Innovation.

We are confident that the combination of all these aspects in terms of strategy, processes and measurement will promote sustainable, organic and scalable growth across our horizon.

As part of our internationalization process, we are an active member of the Enterprise Europe Network Canarias. At present we are also participating in the Trade Promotion Programme “ICEX Next” from the Foreign Institute of Spain, an organization attached to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain. We also have participated in the Regional Trade Programme “CANARIAS APORTA”, supported by the Inward Investment Agency of the Canary Islands (PROEXCA) which is a public company attached to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Security of the Government of the Canary Islands. Additionally, we have been taking part in the APEX Programme, an initiative promoted by the Foreign Trade Institute of Spain (ICEX) under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain.