Sieltec Canarias actively participates in the employment program promoted by the University of La Laguna.

Since November 2013, the Company has counted with three interns after signing a Framework Agreement with the University of La Laguna and another specific Agreement for employment of interns of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

During the month of November, Sieltec Canarias and the University of La Laguna signed a collaborative agreement for the promotion of young and talented students with special interests in fields such as Meteorology, Environment and Weather, fostering their professional skills in their initial stages of their careers.

In 2014, three students from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics have been participating with us, giving major support to the company for some upcoming projects that will be overtaken over the upcoming months and other accomplished projects across the year.

The aim of this collaborative agreement is to promote and to train young workforce by internships that will enhance their professional capabilities, as well as the innovation and research activity of the company. Sieltec Canarias is proud of been actively participating in this proposal from the University of La Laguna, receiving very positive feedbacks. From previous frameworks, some of our initial interns are currently working for the company.

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