ZEN Radiometer R-52

A complete new instrumentation for AOD detection made of robust components and long-lasting materials, perfectly combined with an easy-to-use software.


The ZEN system comprises a new radiometer (ZEN-R52) and a methodology for AOD retrieval (ZEN-LUT). The ZEN-LUT method is based on the comparison of the measured zenith sky radiance (ZSR) with a look-up table (LUT) of computed ZSRs.
The first version was jointly developed by us and IARC (Spain) and designed to obtain AOD from downwelling zenith sky radiation at different wavelengths. It incorporates collimating lenses and internal baffles to achieve a -2º field of view. The measurements, made simultaneously in all channels, are amplified and processed. Inside the device there are internal sensors for humidity and temperature monitoring.

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Silicon Diode
Number of channels 5
Wavelengths 440.500.675.870 and 940 nm
Field of view
Measurement rate 1 minute
Resolution 16 bit
Stray light Better than 10-5
Dark noise <5 raw counts
Thermal noise <5 raw counts
Data Output Raw countsStandard devitationWatt/m2AODInternal temperatureInternal humidity

Sun position data

Software CaptureProcessingData graphsDatabaseExport DataFTP Backup

VPN access

Communications Gigabit PoE LAN
Power Supply Input: 90 – 240V (**)
Output: 15V, 25W PoE Passive
Protection level >IP67
Window 75mm diameter borosilite window, 6.5 mm thickness
Case Top: anodized aluminiumBody: power coated aluminum
Internal extra heater 10W
Operating temperature -40º to 55º (with internal extra heating)
Blower Optional
Dimensions 170mm height, 180 mm diameter
Weight 6 kgs (ZEN), 11.5 kgs (total system packed)