SONA device

SONA allows capturing, classifying and processing all-sky images, covering 180°+ field of view. Its robust design with compact dimensions, a complete new embedded system and new internal sensors for different applications provides high reliability in harsh environmental conditions.

Its robust design, with a totally complete new external case made of highly durable materials and their new internal sensors for daylight or night applications, allows to reach an accurate output level in cloud observation and analysis.

The system captures HDR images of the entire sky. After the caption, the images are processed as well as the percentage of cloud coverage apart from other additional data.

The new Web interface allows connection to the system from all over your network or from outside.

Easy integration: folder based database, .csv/.json file format, link to last picture, etc… for immediate connection to your dashboard or external web to data sharing.

SONA can be customized on-demand depending on the type of application for its final deployment such as, cloud reporting in airports, cloud nowcasting which can be combined with satellite images for PV plants, CSP and CPV, sky watching in astronomy, cloud observation for tourism industry, etc.





Image sensor 2.3MP High Speed CMOS global shutter 5MP High Speed CMOS global shutter
Use Day and Night Day and Night
Field of view <180º (very distorsion fish eye lens)
Capture rate <5 sec (15 sec standard capture)
Capture image format RAW
Output image format PNG, JPG, GIF
Data Output Image captureCloud fraction (%)Sun block detectionHigh AOD presence

Sensor temperature

Internal humidity alarm

Software CaptureProcessingData graphsDatabase

Export Data

FTP Backup

VPN Access

Link to last picture

With/without date and time

Communications Camera to computer control: Gigabit PoE LANPC to local network: Gigabit LAN
Power Supply Input: 90 – 240V (**)
Output: 24V, 60W PoE Passive (camera) / 19V, 40W (computer)
Protection level >IP67 (camera)
75mm diameter borosilite window, 3 mm thicknessAnodized and powder coated aluminum paint
Operating temperature -40º to 55º (with internal extra heating)
Blower Optional
Dimensions 170mm height, 180 mm diameter
Weight 3 kgs (camera), 7.5 kgs (total system packed)