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A complete cutting-edge solution to monitoring the clouds and the atmospheric aerosol.

It consists of two line of measurements:

  1. Real-time data and analysis by capturing and processing all-sky images with a high resolution camera with a wide field of view.
  2. Real-time AOD data.

SONA allows capturing, classifying and processing all-sky images, covering 180°+ field of view. Its robust design with compact dimensions, a complete new embedded system and new internal sensors for different applications provides high reliability in harsh environmental conditions.

ZEN Radiometer, a new instrumentation for AOD detection is made of robust components and long-lasting materials which are perfectly combined with an easy-to-use software.

The new development of SONA&ZEN is the only of its kind that shows at the touch of one button accurate information and clear data in cloud detection and atmospheric aerosol.

These two devices were showcased during the past edition of the Meteorological Technology Expo (October 2017) with an online demo and real-time data of Cloud Nowcasting and AOD observation. The combination of both has a multi-sectoral approach in fields such as meteorology, air quality and solar radiation for sectors related to energy, weather, environment, maritime and air transport industries.

Optional SaaS can be provided by adding some great features and customizable maintenance in case of specific needs.

The evolution of SONA