Maximization and personalization of guest comfort in hotel accommodations through intelligent and automated management systems through Big Data Analytics and IOT

The SMARTLODGING4GUEST project seeks to optimize the comfort of hotel guests by making their stay unique and not staying as usual in a mere personalized treatment by the staff, making the hotel itself smart and adaptable in an autonomous way based on the own behavior, patterns of use and preferences of the client. Moreover, this must be achieved without undermining the energy efficiency of the building.

The Consortium that will develop SmartLodging4Guest is composed of several companies that will put the service of the project into multidisciplinary teams of experts in all areas. The Technological and Renewable Energy Institute, S.A. will be the leading institution of the project and will participate as partners Magtel Operaciones S.L. and Sieltec Canarias S.L., in partnership with CTIC Technological Center as the subcontracted technological center.

The project will be divided into the following set of Activities that will be undertaken during the three temporary milestones in which the project is divided (2016, 2017 and 2018):

  • Activity 1 Project management.
  • Activity 2 Requirements analysis.
  • Activity 3 Data Acquisition and Parameter Monitoring System
  • Activity 4 Intelligent data analysis
  • Activity 5 Data acquisition system and parameter monitoring
  • Activity 6 Design of the performance and visualization system
  • Activity 7 Testing and validation.

Additional info

Partners: Technological and Renewable Energy Institute, Magtel Operaciones S.L. and Sieltec Canarias S.L.
Outsourced Technological Center: CTIC Centro Tecnológico
Duration: 2016-2018
Budget: € 1,515,498.00
Financing: FEDER Innterconecta 2016 Program


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